Feeling Saucy?!

Freshly made pastas and sauces – Quick & Easy dinner delivered to you.

These will be delivered fresh to you. They are easily frozen at home if you don’t want to scoff straight away!

Pasta’s: As a guideline, we suggest 100g per person (150g if you’re feeling greedy!)

Pappardelle (100g) £2.80
Rigatelli (100g) – photo above £2.95
Ricotta Gnocchi £2.95
Strozzapreti(100g) £3.00
Spaghetti (100g) £2.80
Ravioli (100g)
– various seasonal fillings – we can usually make ravioli to suit your tastes! Some examples include – spinach & ricotta, borlotti bean and rosemary
– ragu, aubergine and sage, four cheese
Croxetti (100g) A ligurian pasta disc with a flower or ship design stamped on to the pasta. perfect with pesto, walnut sauce or wild mushroom sauce £3.75


Tomato & Basil (2) £3.25
Beef Bolognese (2) £3.95
Pesto (2) £4.50
Arrabiatta (2) £3.75
Aubergine (2) (when in season) £4.00
Boscaiola(wild mushroom) (2) £3.95